Cynapps FIXCap

FIX Network Packet Sniffer

Cynapps FIXCap our latest free tool that allows you to capture network level FIX messages in real time. Simply launch FIXCap and start capturing TCP traffic. Messages are displayed in real time and can be analysed with ease.

Cynapps FIXCap uses the same technology as Wireshark but reduces the learning curve associated with using such a complex product. Cynapps FIXCap removes all the noise from sniffed TCP traffic and only shows relevant FIX message traffic.

Features Include

– Sniff FIX traffic on any TCP port in real time.
– Select specific ports or sniff all FIX traffic.
– Use custom data dictionaries.
– Translation of FIX message into human readable text.
– Get network level statistics on every FIX message sent and received.
– See FIX message delay as the time between message creation and network times.
– Show stack view of all Tags and Values alongside lookups from your own data dictionary.

Click here to download FIXCap for free.

If you would like more information about how FIXCap can integrate with your FIX environment or for more information about Cynapps products please contact us.