Powerful Windows Workflow and Automation Scheduler

Cynapps IntelliAlert is a lightweight yet powerful Windows workflow and automation scheduler that allows you to schedule, automate and monitor everyday tasks.

Run tasks on schedules to suit your needs with options to run manually, have a single scheduled run, daily or at certain time intervals. With all these options you will be able to complete the most complex job schedules.

String multiple steps together in order to achieve powerful workflows to automate your everyday needs.

File Operations

You can create jobs to do any of the following common file operations.
– Check if a file exists.
– Move or rename files or folders.
– Copy files or folders.
– Move files or folders.
– Delete files or folders.
– Create files.

ZIP Files and Folders

Cynapps IntelliAlert allows you to manage and manipulate ZIP archives with ease.
– Extract files from ZIP archives.
– Create new ZIP archives.
– Add files to ZIP archives.

Managed File Transfers (MFT)

Cynapps IntelliAlert allows you to schedule Managed File Transfers (MFT) for file receipt and delivery.
– Connect to FTP, FTPS and sFTP sites.
– Directory sync ‘Remote to Local’ and ‘Local to Remote’.
– Deliver files to external sites.
– Receive files from external sources.
– Remote file watcher can trigger actions as soon as a file is made available on an external site.
– Poll and Get remote files.
– Remote site browser to allow you to see what’s on an external site.
– Embedded SFTP server.

Scripting Tasks

– Execute Windows command scripts.
– Execute PHP scripts.
– Execute PowerShell scripts.
– Run user C# code.

Mailbox Monitor

Monitor IMAP mailboxes, download attachments based on extensive mail filtering criteria.

SQL Operations

Once you have set up your MS SQL Server database connection in Cynapps IntelliAlert you will be able to do any of the following tasks.
– Run SQL on schedule.
– Trigger events based on the results of a SQL query.
– Extract SQL queries to CSV.
– Email the results of SQL queries.
– Start and Monitor SSIS packages.

XML and CSV Data Loads

Cynapps IntelliAlert allows you to load CSV and XML files to a MS SQL Server database.

Windows Services Tasks

– Monitor remote services to see if a service is started.
– Schedule service stopping and starting.

Server Monitor

Ping remote machines and raise alerts if a server is not responding.

Process Monitor

Cynapps IntelliAlert allows you to check whether a process is running on a local or remote machine.

Diskspace Monitor

Monitor disk space of remote machines and send alerts when disk space falls below user set levels.


Cynapps IntelliAlert allows you to send emails, make a phone calls or send an SMS messages. Alerts can be sent on job failure or success and are fully customisable.
– Send emails.
– Make phone calls with custom messages.
– Send SMS to contacts.
– Send Tweets.
– Send push notifications to iOS devices using the Cynapps IntelliShare app.

If you would like more information about Cynapps IntelliAlert or to arrange for a free trial please contact us.