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Monitoring a SQL database

Over the years I have written several SQL script that allow me to interrogate MS SQL Server databases and return data that gives me valuable information regarding the state of a system. The problem is that these scripts are all stored in a “scripts” directory and are only run in response to an application end user reporting issues. These scripts confirm that a system is currently experiencing…

FIX Performance Testing

Using a FIX simulator is great for functional testing. You can see how your FIX engine reacts to all different kinds of scenarios and FIX messages. Sending individual orders or executions and analysing your FIX engine’s behavior lets you know how it will behave in similar production scenarios.

For high volume clients, this is just half of the story. You’ll need to recreate and exceed…

Searching for FIX Messages

Have you ever had to search through a text based FIX log file to try and find all the FIX messages associated with a particular order? If you have you will understand the frustration that this can cause. There is no single identifier that links all the FIX messages for a particular order.

Often when looking through a log file, you can search for a ClOrdID, this will give you the New Order…

Regression Testing FIX

So you’ve just received a new version of your OMS and want to make sure that your FIX functionality isn’t negatively impacted by the new release. Typically the new release will go to your testing team who will be responsible for ensuring that no functionality has regressed. The key in this phase of the project is identifying major problems as early as possible so they can be sent back to t…

Why Monitor FIX Logs?

The problem
With more business going through electronic channels it’s becoming increasingly important to have an effective means of monitoring traffic through your FIX environment. This could be to ensure session uptime, to weed out badly formatted messages, to find potential delays in message transmission or just to have a better view of your FIX environment.

Relying on business users…

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