Cynapps FIX Tail

FIX Log Tail Tool

Cynapps FIX Tail is a free tool that allows you to tail FIX log files. Simply launch Cynapps FIX Tail and open the FIX log file that you want to tail. Alternatively add a right click context menu (via FIX Tail settings) to allow you to right click on a FIX log file and tail it.

New FIX messages are displayed in real time and can be analysed with ease.

Features Include

– Tail the contents of FIX log files in real time.
– Use your own custom data dictionaries for FIX message lookup.
– Translation of FIX message into human readable text.
– Show stack view of all Tags and Values alongside lookups from your own data dictionary.
– Export individual FIX messages or the FIX message stack view.
– Fast filtering of FIX message tags and values.

Click here to download Cynapps FIX Tail for free.

If you would like more information about how Cynapps FIX Tail can integrate with your FIX environment or for more information about Cynapps products please contact us.