Intelligent FIX Message Monitoring and Analysis

Cynapps IntelliFIX is a FIX monitoring application that gives you a clear view of your FIX environment and allows you to be proactive in supporting of your FIX users. IntelliFIX monitors all messages sent and received through all of your FIX sessions in real time and can alert you when things go wrong.

Simple FIX Message View

IntelliFIX has been designed to give you a transparent view on your FIX environment. See all the messages sent and received in all your environments. With auto FIX tag lookup and translation we turn FIX messages into something everyone can understand.


Monitor FIX Log Files

Monitor multiple log files distributed across your network or over FTP. Add the file once and never worry about having to navigate to your FIX logs directory again. Launch IntelliFIX and all the logs will be read and displayed in an easy to use interface on your desktop.


Add desktop and email notifications to your advanced searches and you will be alerted whenever you receive a FIX messages that satisfies your specific criteria. Add alerts for rejections, DKTs and any other specific messages and be one step ahead of your dealing teams.

Archive Search

Finding messages from previous days is quick and simple. Specify your archive directory and the string you are looking for and Cynapps IntelliFIX will display all files that have messages that match your search. Load the archived files directly from the same window for quick analysis.


Session Status Monitor

A traffic light system indicates the status of each of your connections. Desktop alerts and emails notify you of any disconnections as soon as they happen allowing you to be proactive about your session management. Cynapps IntelliFIX monitors actual message content and not just file size changes allowing for a more accurate view of your session connection status.

Cynapps IntelliSearch

Cynapps IntelliSearch allows you to display all messages related to a specific order in an instant. Just select any message and IntelliSearch will display the entire message history for that particular message. No need for you to manually search for messages again.


OMS Integration

Connect to your OMS’s database to allow for even easier message retrieval. Specify how to translate an OMS order id into a ClOrdID just the once. After this all you have to do is enter your OMS order id and we’ll find all related FIX messages for that order.

Contact Management

Store FIX contact details alongside your FIX messages. If you encounter a problem, you can quickly bring up contact information for all your brokers.


Export Options

Sharing FIX messages is a vital part of any support process. Cynapps IntelliFIX enables you to export messages in a format that’s easy and simple to share and understand.


Data Dictionaries

Cynapps IntelliFIX stores all FIX data dictionaries. Have all FIX data dictionaries available to you at all times with no dependency on slow unmaintained external websites. IntelliFIX has full support for custom data dictionaries and custom tags.


Homegrown Code

We write and manage all our own source code. Functionality enhancements are quick and painless. No waiting on 3rd party code providers.

If you would like more information about Cynapps IntelliFIX or for more information about Cynapps products please contact us.