Cynapps PGP

Free command line PGP utility

Cynapps PGP is a free command line utility that allows you to perform the following three PGP operations.

Generate private/public key pairs
Use the below command to generate key pairs.

CynappsPGP.exe -Mode=GenerateKeys -PrivateKeyPath=Private.asc -PublicKeyPath=Public.asc -Passphrase=Password1

Encrypt a file
Use the below command to PGP encrypt a file using a public key.

CynappsPGP.exe -Mode=Encrypt -InputFilePath=UnencryptedFilePath.txt -OutputFilePath=EncryptedFilePath.txt.pgp -PublicKeyPath=Public.asc

Decrypt a file
Use the below command below to decrypt a PGP encrypted file using a private key and your passphrase.

CynappsPGP.exe -Mode=Decrypt -InputFilePath=EncryptedFilePath.txt.pgp -PrivateKeyPath=Private.asc -Passphrase=Password1 -OutputFilePath=UnencryptedFilePath.txt

Functionality is currently limited to the operations above. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements or would like to discuss any additional functionality.

Click here to download Cynapps PGP for free.