Multi Asset FIX Sell-Side Simulator

Cynapps IntelliBroker is a FIX message simulator that allows you to take control of your FIX testing. You no longer have to rely on external parties to test your FIX environment. IntelliBroker allows you to connect to your OMS to receive and send FIX messages giving you full control over all traffic flow. IntelliBroker allows simulation of the sell-side workflow giving you the ability to easily manage the execution of your OMS generated orders.


Freedom to Test

With IntelliBroker you are able to test whenever suits you, you will no longer have dependency on busy third parties. No more waiting around for brokers’ test environments to be ready, no more missed test slots. Test when it’s suitable for you and for as long as you like.


Intelligent Session Management

We know how difficult it can be to establish and keep a FIX session connected. Sequence numbers can be confusing and mismatches can lead to a lot of wasted time. Cynapps IntelliBroker intelligently sets it’s sequence numbers to match what your OMS expects. All you have to do is launch IntelliBroker and let it take care of the rest.


Simple Operation

Since not everyone is a FIX expert we have made IntelliBroker as simple and intuitive to use as possible. Select an order and click on the action you want to perform, a FIX message will be automatically generated and sent to your OMS. You don’t have to worry about the tags and values.


Advanced Message Editing

The simplicity of IntelliBroker is coupled with advanced message editing options, you have the ability to define exactly which tags and values should be used for each individual message type. You can even manually add, remove and amend individual tags and values from your FIX messages before they are sent to your OMS. This level of flexibility means that you can test your OMS’ response to unexpected FIX message formats.


Multi Asset Testing

IntelliBroker allows you to run your own test scenarios for all asset classes. With custom designed screens for simulating Equity, Program Trading, Fixed Income and FX workflows. IntelliBroker is your one stop solution to all your FIX testing needs.


Environment Management

Connecting IntelliBroker up to multiple test environments is simple. Tell IntelliBroker the connection details of each session you would like to use and you will be prompted to choose which session to connect to on start up.


Volume Testing

Functionality for sending large volumes of FIX messages to your OMS allows you to stress test your OMS to see how it behaves under heavy FIX message load.


Export Options

Sharing FIX messages is a vital part of any support process. Cynapps IntelliBroker enables you to export messages in a format that’s easy and simple to share and understand.


Data Dictionaries

Cynapps IntelliBroker stores all FIX data dictionaries. Have all FIX data dictionaries available to you at all times with no dependency on slow unmaintained external websites. IntelliBroker has full support for custom data dictionaries and custom tags.


Homegrown Code

We write and manage all our own source code. Functionality enhancements are quick and painless. No waiting on 3rd party code providers.

If you would like information about how Cynapps IntelliBroker can help you or to arrange for a commitment free trial of the software please contact us.